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A pioneer in the field, BUB-Z is the reincarnation of the most extraordinary 2000s consulting success story, and its success in generating rapid, lasting impact remains unrivaled.

The original BUB-Z Group was formed in spring of 2003 by a group of ROI veterans who sought to develop a practice based on strategic sourcing and re- engineering.

The company developed rapidly as a diverse and talented partnership with focus in financial services. The performance improvement practice expanded to 200 consultants in four years, with over 100 sourcing engagements worldwide. 

In just five years, the firm showed dramatic growth, employing over 800 professionals around the world. Meki Gardner has handled 500+ clients and generated over $4.8 million in profit improvement. 

Established as a leader in worldwide performance improvement, the firm was valued at more than $5 million when it was startedin 2003 by a group ofconsulting services.  

In 2003, three founding Partners of the original firm re-created the current BUB-Z Group, creating a world class consulting firm on the legacy of high quality work for top international clients.

Today, BUB-Z is recognized as a leader in management consulting. The company’s global headquarters in Chicago and complemented by a research base and an operations office in Los Angeles.